Depending on the characteristics and conditions of the operation, the fire protection system Designer applies the "BiZone" module to the task.

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The module provides total flooding extinguishing of fire classes A, B, C and energized electrical equipment in the enclosures of the volume of: V = 600 m3 for Class B fires, V = 900 m3 for Class A fires.
The extinguishing powder tank and the carbon dioxide (carbon) cylinder are connected by pipeline. The tank with powder is fitted with a nozzle sprayer and the carbon dioxide tank is fitted with lock and release device which is triggered by the current pulse of 0.5 A.
In case of a fire, the signal from the fire-extinguishing system control device enters the starting device located in the lock and release device of carbon dioxide cylinder. The membrane opens and the carbon dioxide by the pipeline enters the tank with powder. Tank with powder has a membrane node. When pressure is increased in powdered tank, the membrane opens and the gas-powder mixture enters the protected volume.
There are two carbon dioxide cylinders in this module to provide the necessary split of extinguishing powder and carbon dioxide. 


Protected Volume:  
Class А 900 m3
Class В 600 m3
Protected Area 100 m2
Explosion proof mark 1ЕхdsIICT4 Х
Fire classes according to GOST 27331-87 А, В, С, Е
Extinguishing Agent Gas-Powder
Operation temperature range, 0C -50 С+50 С
Full module weight, max, kg 365
Weight of fire-extinguishing powder "Phoenix ABCE-70", kg  80±2
CO2 weight, kg  30
Jet length, m 18-20

DC parameters,

required for module actuation

 0,5 A6–24VAt duration of 0,02s
Circuit control safe current, A 0,05 A - during 5 min,
 0,005 A – with no time limit
Module response rate  max 1s
Duration of discharge max 10s
Piping options up to 100 m with 6 bends at 90o
Overall dimensions, mm 630 х 1730 х 670
Service lifetime, min, years 20

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