"Kalancha" company provides full support and advice on any issues related to the implementation of the gas-powder fire extinguishing technology "BiZone" to protect your business.

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"Kalancha" company has high national and international ratings, professional team and a development strategy aimed at maintaining our clients'  loyalty through the range of services provided.It takes just a few working days to provide the following free information: 

- Engineering calculation and explanation on the number of modules applied

- Placement of modules "BiZone" on the plans of the protected area

- Consultation and training in technology calculation and choosing  the optimum location for the modules.

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The consultation on the design and use of gas-powder fire extinguishing systems "BiZone" will be provided to you by:
- Head of the Fire Automation Department, Igor Prokhorov
tеl. +7 (495) 781 92 48 (ext. 138)
- Leading Design Engineer, Irina Komarova 
tel. + 7 (495) 781 92 48 (ext. 139)

"Kalancha" company also has successful long-term experience in  design of low-current and fire-extinguishing systems, both in their own production equipment and in other manufacturers' equipment. Design decisions are developed on the basis of a modern Russian regulatory framework. The right to implement the design work is confirmed  by the appropriate permits of SRO.

Today in  the company there is a unit consisting of highly professional design engineers and specialists, providing a wide range of design and installation services in the following engineering systems:

- Automatic fire extinguishing systems

- Automatic fire alarm systems

- Security alarm systems

- Fire warning and management systems for people's evacuation

- Video surveillance systems


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