Extinguishing any type of fire
in 3-10 seconds
in the absence of
water supply

The total flooding type
of extinguishing
ensures lack
of shading areas

temperature range
from-50 to +50 deg. C

Extinguishing mixture
is safe for
the environment and
does not damage property

About us

Since 1994 OOO "Kalancha" has been engaged in research and development of its own unique fire-fighting technologies and equipment. Some of the inventions have no analogues in the world and are protected by Russian and international patents.

The company’s goal- - is to introduce the advanced technologies capable to provide a high level of fire safety and to minimize the risks of financial losses in case of fire.

The company constantly develops and modernizes its production capacity. The entire process of manufacturing the "BiZone" modules is done on the latest automated equipment. In the process of production, we are guided by the following principles:

- compliance with all quality parameters,

- strict compliance with the process.

These principles are a prerequisite for the competitiveness of products and for the Code of Professional Conduct. This way, we guarantee the reliability and quality of the "BiZone" modules: the possibility of non-failure operation of the modules is not less than 0.95, the possibility of the outlet device failure to fire is at least 0.999 in case of confidence probability of 0.95.

The company pays close attention to commodity security - our component suppliers are only reliable manufacturers.

Personal responsibility for the production quality is shared by all the company employees involved in the particular stage of work. The professionalism rate and team cohesion make it possible to achieve high results. The enterprise pays particular attention to the constant improvement of each staff member’s skills by encouraging participation in seminars and training courses, providing opportunities to visit local and international industry exhibitions.

Modern technological equipment, skilled personnel and good faith in the work are the quality assurance of our products.

OOO "Kalancha" has a quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Specialists of OOO "Kalancha" have developed a new method of automatic fire extinguishing - the combined gas-powder fire-extinguishing technology. The technology came from a study of the processes of extinguishing various fire-sources, using a mixture of extinguishing powder and carbon dioxide. Technology is unique and is protected by Russian and international patents. The "BiZone" equipment meets the requirements of the regulatory documents and has all the necessary certificates and authorizations.
The "BiZone" technology is recommended for the protection of the following objects:
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries, including explosive-flammable production
  • Oil and gas industry, including reservoirs and tank batteries
  • Fuel and energy complex
  • Extractive industries
  • Metallurgical complex
  • Machinery complex
  • Agro-industrial complex
  • Transport enterprises, including airfield complexes, railways
  • Government institutions
  • Forces, including armory and fuel-oil depots
  • Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
  • Infrastructure

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Siberian Chemical Combine, ZiO, Eleron, TVEL, RFNC ARSRIEP, Kalinin NPP

OAO Russian Railways

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Gorky, Far Eastern

Trans-Baikal, West-Siberian,

Krasnoyarsk, Kuibyshev, Moscow,

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Trans-Baikal Railway, Severnaya Railway, South-Ural Railways

Power Structures and Federal Services of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior, Russian Federation Federal Protective Service, Russian Federation courts, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Russian Treasury, Bank of Russia

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